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Jeremiah Ytep   Hong Kong SAR, China
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Jeremiah YTEP's Term Paper

The followings are my term papers prepared in my courses major in Religious Studies of the Hong Kong Baptist University. You are welcomed to give me any comment.

A friendly reminder: Don't be a 'Copy Cat'. I post my term papers for an open discussion in the Internet World only. Please do not COPY them and submit it to your Professor as your papers.
Remember to avoid plagrism!

Good Samaritan ... Gift for God Exegesis on Luke10.25~37 (Traditional Chinese BIG-5)

Why the Name YHWH is Special Mentioned in Exodus 6:2~9?

Introduction to Karl Barth's Theology

Barth's Thought on Natural Theology
The Politics of Jesus (Luke 20:20~26)
Christian Ideology and Business Management
Comment on the Teleological Argument of Swinburne
Response to "Soul-Making and Suffering"
A Case Study of Negro Movement (a sociology paper)
Comparison between the Pure Land Buddhism and Christianity(Traditional Chinese BIG-5)
My Final Year Thesis ~ The Main Theme of the Story of Adam and Eve in Genesis Chapter 2:4b~3:24
Review of Previous Work on Methodologies and Themes
Working out the Main Theme of the Story (Exegesis with Literary Approach)
Working out the Main Theme of the Story (Discussion)
Conclusion: Human's Decision in Following God's Command


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