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Jeremiah Ytep   Hong Kong SAR, China
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Meaningful Stories

Several meaningful stories are collected here. In additional, several inspirational, encouraging and insightfully writings and words that are prepared in PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

Do you have any contributions? Please email to me!
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Perhaps Love (
The Giving Tree (in Traditional Chinese)
Joy (848K)
from Negative to Positive (117K)
10 Roses (188K)
Give it a thought for sure (212K)
Friends (673K)
Life (467K)
Missing Pieces (in Traditional Chinese) (189K)
Enjoy your Day (580K)
Moment (347K)
My Three Wishes (719K)
Perfect (556K)
When My Time Come (516K)
P.U.S.H. (393K)
Have a Nice Weekend (1.71M)
Book of Life (270K)
Love (in Chinese) (79K)
Life Motto (in Chinese) (673K)
Life Habit (in Chinese) (1.24M)
Merry Christmas  


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