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Jeremiah Ytep   Hong Kong SAR, China
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Jeremiah YTEP's Photo Album

I hope these photos will bring you to a quick tour of my life history!

The photos are prepared in progressive jpeg, the download time and effects are GOOD.

The photos are in chronological order.. You may click on the following small photo to view the LARGER image!

This photo was taken when Jeremiah was about 8 years old.
This photo was taken when he was in secondary (high) school - Heep Woh College.
Jeremiah stood in the Foresnic Division, Government Laboratory.
This photo was taken with Dr. Helen Roseveare who devotes her life in medical missionary in Zaire. Please read her auto-biography: Give Me this Mountain, He Gave Us a Valley by Inter-Varsity Press.
This photo was taken in front of the Clock Tower, a famous building in Hong Kong.
This photo was taken at Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve.
This photo was taken in front of the Chapel, Chinese Universtiy of Hong Kong.
So Cool!!!! It is in Hong Kong? Why is it so COOL??
Where is this? Court??
Is he smart??
Iron Poon, staff of 'Campus Crusade for Christ, of Hong Kong SAR'; he is my trainner in 'New Life Training Center'. He does influence me a lot!
May God bless his service.
My photo with one of my lecturer in the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
One of my 'cue' photo at HKBU
My Classmates of Religious Studies (1997-98) at HKBU
Graduation Photo
Graduation Photo with classmates
Photo with my friend (Group Z)
This photo was taken in Hong Kong Disney Land.


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