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Jeremiah Ytep   Hong Kong SAR, China
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About Jeremiah ho-yin YTEP

  God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
courage to change the things that
should be changed,
and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

in Reinhold Niebuhr's Justice and Mercy,
edited by Ursula M.Niebuhr, 1974, p.v

I am Jeremiah ho-yin Ytep , an energetic young boy born on Sept 9. I was christian student major in Religious Studies in Arts Faculty of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), a Christian University in Hong Kong SAR. Do you guess why do I study Religious Studies? You may want to have a look of the exciting university life of the Arts Faculty!

My secondary (high) school is Heep Woh College. I have already lived in wonderful Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China, for over 30 years.

  After my graduation, I worked in Hong Kong Customer Services Consortium, Hong Kong Council of Social Services and

Now, I work in ..... :>

Do you guess why do I study Religious Studies? My professor told us that Religious Studies is a favourite subject for the upper-class in Europe as they have no economical pressure. However, the case in Hong Kong SAR is different.

I choose this subject as I want to know more about my faith. In fact, I do get benefit from the course. In a society of materialism like Hong Kong SAR, people would perfer the studies of business, engineering, etc. Seldom people appreicate the value of religion. However, I have the conviction that 'Religious Experience' is the central of our lives.

Jeremiah Self-Portrait on 17 July 2005
after the course - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

I may be a 'tall' person of Chinese. I am about 182cm tall (perhaps I am a short when compared with non-Chinese).

I seldom watch TV I spend most of my time on reading. Please take a look of my recommended booklist. Most of them are Christian Books.

What are your favour songs? here are my favourite (in midi format):

Perhaps Love by John Denver
Think of Me music of "Phantom of the Opera"
Your Name, my Surname song of Jacky Cheung
Love is Forever song in the musical "Snow Wolf Lake" by Jacky Cheung
Discover by Ekin Cheng
Love Word Haven't Yet Spoken by Leon Lai
Say Yes! by Yukie Nishimura/Chage & Aska

Jeremiah YTEP in Video :>
(in Cantonese, Real Video format)

At the end, I am going to share favour motto:

Some men see things as they are And say, why?
But, I dream of things that never were And say, why not?

--Robert Kennedy

Being defeated is often a temporary condition.
Giving up is what makes it permanent.

Lord Jesus,
Less of me
more of You
Less of me
more of You
Less of me
more of You
Less of me
more of You
Less of me
more of You
Less of me
more of You
Less of me
more of You


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